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Down to the bone. Official site of the funk, soul, jazz band.

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23/08/04 - New Album Takes Shape

Things have gone well for the new album , having reached sales of around 40,000 in the U.S , alone , and that is with very little airplay. . So a big thanks to those stations who did play the new album.Also, thanks to all those who ventured out to buy a copy . Your support is appreciated.The real thing is still better than the download.Keep spreading the word.

The live shows are taking on a life of their own , with great response from the crowds .The shows , themselves,are getting funkier,each time.The rehearsals and my and Shilt's , constant nagging, 'to play a strict groove' are paying off .So thanks to the guys for putting up with that and putting together , great,live shows.

The live band , now consists of , Shilts-sax/band leader , Neil Angilley-keys , Neal Wilkinson-drums , Rufus Philpot-bass , Allen Hinds-guitar and the great , new addition , of Katisse Buckingham-sax/flute/rap.On occasions:Ronnie Guttierez-drums , John Menzano-bass , Bill Steinway-keys , Quinn Johnson-keys.Dave Thor , tour manager

Every effort is being made to add new shows and to play new places.I get loads of e-mails from people asking us to play in their area . I assure you , we are trying and if we can , we will be there.So keep checking the live page for new additions.
The mailing list is being sorted , so ,hopefully , soon , people will get their own updates

With the news that Shilts is moving to L.A , the possibility of getting more gigs looks good.So good luck to Shilts and his family on their move.So if you see a pale looking limey, with a sax , in an L.A bar , buy him a drink , it could be Shilts. Just Neil and myself left.

There was a great DJ response for 'The Flow' remix , on 12" vinyl. It got great listings and reviews . People like , King Brit , LTJ Bookham , Robert Luis etc , all giving it the 'thumbs up'.It got great reviews in mags like Straight No Chaser and DJ Mag. Lets hope I can get Narada to do a follow up for the next album.Trying to bridge the gaps between musical boundaries and audience ages , seems to be working .

DTTB merchandise is on it's way.It's taken a little longer than expected , but I have just approved the new logos to go on to a range of baseball shirts and car stickers.Posters will be included and added too , as I have had a great response for the album covers .So I will be looking at turning them in to posters.So look out for the new merchandise page , to be added in the next month or so.Payments will be via Pay Pal.

The new album 'Spread Love Like Wildfire' is gathering momentum and is proving to be very funky.It sees the return of a collaboration between myself and Tim Best , who co-wrote 'Brooklyn Heights' on a track called 'Spread Love'.Special guests include 60's/70's fusion flute player , Jeremy Steig , on two tracks ,one called 'Wildfire'.Also the great , independent , soul singer , N'Dambi , is to sing on a new track.Tony Remy-guitar , Neil Cowley-keys , Neil Angilley-keys,Richard Sadler-bass , Simon Bramley(Mr. Gone)-bass , Julian Crampton(Incognito, The Sunburst Band)-bass and Adam Riley-drums , will be amongst others , featured on the album too.No release date , as yet , but it should be finished around the end of this year.

I have put together a new 'Top 15' for people to check out. A list of all tracks I love playing, both old and new,to cover influences and inspirations.So seek them out , you will not be disappointed.There are a lot of great , funky , tunes out there , that never get a good hearing , on radio , so word of mouth has always been a very important part of keeping music alive .Its all part of an educational musical journey.

Keep it FUNKY, ya'll! Stuart - DTTB

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