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Down to the bone. Official site of the funk, soul, jazz band.


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Down To The Bone is Stuart Wade as producer, writer and mastermind behind the whole groove project, working with other talented musicians and co-writers to bring together a project of good grooves.

Set up at the tail end of 1995 when Wade decided to take a track from the soul band he was in at the time, Think Twice, and remix it to give it a rawer and stripped down feel. The result was the Down To The Bone remix of the track ‘Joy Is Free’ which had great success.

Following on from the success of his remix he teamed up with Think Twice keyboard player, Simon Greenaway, to put together a string of songs. This resulted in the first release on a 12” single of “Staten Island Groove”. Released on Internal Bass Records, a label Wade set up with another member of Think Twice. This resulted in rave reviews for the single and club and radio play in the U.K.

It was at this time that Stuart decided to try to complete an album. Wade had to look for future musicians to work with, whilst still working with Internal Bass Records. This resulted in the introduction of musicians like Richard Sadler, Richard Wargent, Neil Cowley, Tim Best in order to complete the first album.

After the completion of “From Manhattan To Staten”, a title Wade came up with to show his influences from across the pond, it was decided to try to take the whole sound over to America to see what would happen .Not expecting anything, Wade was astounded by the huge response after two important guys at U.S. Jazz radio, Blake Lawrence and Steve Williamson decided to take it upon themselves to play DTTB on their stations. With support from people like DJ Chillfreeze, Marc E Copeland, Rick Laboy, Cozmic Cat and Andrea DJ Sun and some Urban radio interest, DTTB was introduced to a US audience.

As popularity for the sound grew so did the demand to see the band live so it was decided to take the project from the studio to a live setup and after various line-ups Wade is very honored to be represented by two fantastic live bands.

One in the U.S led by Dan Boissy (sax/MD) and Katisse Buckingham (sax/flute/MC) and also comprising of top U.S. musicians such as Louis Palmer-drums, Hans Zermuehlen-keys and on bass rotation Derek Frank and Jerry Watts Jnr.

Also on the live side in the UK by Tim Smart – Trombone/MD, Ryan Jacob-trumpet, Jo Phillpotts-bass, Joe “Bongo” Becket-percussion, Davide Giovannini-drums, James Arben-sax, Gianni Chiarello -guitar and Johnny Tomlinson-keys.

It was clear DTTB happened to be in the right place at the right time. The momentum grew and “From Manhattan To Staten” reached No.2 in the National US Billboard Jazz Chart, No.3 in the Gavin Jazz chart and No 4 in the Radio and Records Jazz Chart. DTTB was also the No.1 top selling independent Jazz artist of 1999, No 5 top selling Jazz artist and album of 1998 and No 5 top selling Jazz artist and album in 1999 and with a string of radio hits in the U.S it shows how DTTB have been able to accumulate well over half a million sales worldwide.

Wade later signed to Verve Records to enable him to record his fourth album “Crazy Vibes and Things” in 2002 after releasing three on Internal Bass Records after splitting from the label he co-ran. With more and more demands for live appearances DTTB was becoming a well established act, especially in the U.S. So much so that Wade had to concentrate on the U.S for the live side of things, much to his frustration at not being able to gig so much in his home country of the U.K .Something he hopes to change with his new signing to Dome Records in the UK.

After a short spell on Verve Wade decided to move on and sign with Narada/Blue Note where he recorded three albums “Cellar Funk”, “Spread Love Like Wildfire” and “Supercharged” and then “Future Boogie” on Shanachie in the US, Freestyle Records in the UK and Swanky in Japan.

It has always been Wade’s aim to pay respect to his mentors and he is thrilled to actually be working with some of them as guests on his albums. Such greats as, Rueben Wilson, Brian Auger, Jeremy Steig, and Roy Ayers and multi talented vocalists like N’Dambi, Flora Purim, Corrina Greyson, Hil St Soul and Guida De Palma, Imaani and most recently Katie Leone.

This all leads up to Down To The Bone’s new album “Dig It”, which gets released on Dome Records for the UK/EU/R.O.W on 28th April 2014. Trippin ‘n’ Rhythm Records for the US/Canada on 29th April 2014 and P-Vine Records in Japan on 2nd May 2014.

“Dig It” is somewhat of a landmark release for DTTB as it’s the 10th album and has taken just over two years to produce. It consists of 10 original tracks of DTTB’s trademark style of mixing up Soul, Funk and Jazz to produce the distinctive grooves that make up the act’s sound and is so popular with fans and groove lovers alike.

“Dig It” features the talents of Katie Leone on the two main vocal tracks “Happiness Is A Healer” and “Put A Different Spin On It”. Katie is also a main vocalist for the band Incognito.

Other talents on the new album include Julian Crampton on bass who is well known for his work with Incognito and has played on the new Mario Biondi album. Rufus Philpot, who is the bass player and band leader for the US live band is also playing on two cuts from this new album. On guitar there is Mark Jaimes, who is also currently working with song writer guru Rod Temperton. On drums there is Davide Giovannini, who also plays with Snowboy and Lisa Stansfield. Joe “Bongo” Becket is on percussion chores, Neil Angilley and Oli Silk provide keys and Tim Smart -trombone, who is also the UK live band leader, Pablo Mendelssohn - trumpet and Simon Allen - sax, provide the horns for this latest offering. All have worked hard under the guidance, production and direction of Stuart Wade, to bring together this landmark 10th album…“Dig It”…

Live US line up consists of:
Dan Boissy - Sax and MD
Katisse Buckingham - Sax/Flute and MC
Derek Frank - Bass
Louis Palmer - Drums
Hans Zermuehlen - Keys

Live UK line up consists of:
Tim Smart – Trombone/MD Ryan Jacob-trumpet
James Arben-sax
Johnny Tomlinson-keys
Jo Phillpotts-bass
Gianni Chiarello -guitar
Davide Giovannini-drums
Joe “Bongo” Becket-percussion

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